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Movietube App


Have anyone heard of an app available on various different formats and across 18 different platforms that allows ones to watch Hollywood movies, TV shows and Korean shows on the go? Maybe not. But I definitely have.

MovieTube 4.4 App is finally here. Launched by Movietube.CO Actually the movies which are streamed for free in the app are collections of complete movies from the YouTube app. The app has a good user Interface and can list movies according to categories.


One will be surprised to know that it shows all the related information about the movie such as the cast, the year of release, show time and other related information. The video available in the app can range from 180p to 1080p or the Blu-ray category.

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It requires no prior registration in order to avail the services of the app. Taking all this features into account, the app has a massive following. Several billion downloads have been made across the globe in a very short period of time. The ease of accessibility that the app provides is storming the world apart.

The app also has educational, music and animation section along with movies and TV shows. The app offers a wide variety of services. The app only needs a good internet connection in order to provide the videos.

Latest Version

The latest version of the app, 4.4, is set to iron out all the flaws in MovieTube App. The developers want to make it invincible. Solving problems like MovieTube App not working and video not playing or connection issues are all going to be sorted out.

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The app is a big step in the direction of free entertainment which many people considers to be human beings basic right. The app seems to have received lot of positive reviews but is not allowed to be listed on Google play store or IStore. So one needs to download it from generic sites.


Movies And Shows- Now Just A Click Away!

In a fast paced world where everyone is running the rat race to succeed, it sometimes becomes vital to wind down and enjoy the small pleasures of life. And for a majority of the population, this involves indulging in the delights that the billion dollar entertainment industry presents to us in the form of movies, sitcoms and videos. But not everyone can buy tickets and invest on these movies on a daily basis. Watching them at your pace, in the comfort of your home for free seems like a distant dream right? Wrong! With the influx of captivating apps like ShowBox this dream has become a reality.


Specifically designed for smartphones, the ShowBox app provides free streaming of almost every movie, sitcom or video that has been released since 1930. What makes it stand out is its huge inventory, high definition video quality and the fact that every single video is free of cost. Extremely user friendly, it can be enjoyed to the fullest extent by downloading the app on a PC and enjoying HD videos on a large screen. Moreover, if one doesn’t wish to download a particular movie or show, he/she can simply stream it. And for those who aren’t comfortable with android applications or adept at downloading apps, there is a step-by-step tutorial given for them in the official ShowBox website. Marvellous isn’t it?


However, it is important to keep upgrading to the latest version of ShowBox to extract maximum utility value from the app. ShowBox is a notch higher than its competitor websites solely due to its motto to provide free videos at high definition. Not available on the Google Play Store, this app needs to be downloaded externally, but that includes a tutorial as well. Clearly, the makers of ShowBox have left no stone unturned to satiate our generation’s gigantic thirst for knowledge. No wonder it is such a success among the movie loving community. So when are you giving this app a try?


The Delicious Taco Bell Dollar Menu


Taco Bell is one of the most well known fast food brands around the globe. Though eighty percent of their restaurants are located in the United States, Taco gains a worldwide popularity thanks to its varied range of grand menu that includes tex-mex influenced items; the earliest of its kind.

The Taco bell Value Menu is known as the Dollar Cravings or $1 dollar cravings. This particular concept of food items costing only a buck was launched to compete with the other value menus or dollar menus of famed restaurant chains such as the McDonald’s or Wendy’s. It was launched around 2014 on 18th August. Taco’s chief marketing officer Marisa Thalberg claims that the launch is completely irrelevant to the publicity and marketing strategy of competing with the others but it seems that Taco’s budget breakfast menu is clearly an attempt to obtain a business benefit attracting the budget minded customers and shift the limelight from other brands. The current menu of taco Bell contains a total of eleven items. The dollar cravings substituted Taco’s previous value menu ‘Why Pay More’. It is claimed that few of the items from the previous menu still remain on the new one.

Taco Bell offers varieties of delicious items on their menu. It includes CHEESE ROLL UP which is a flour tortilla rolled up with three cheese melted blend A, CARAMEL APPLE EMPANADA where a crispy golden pocket is stuffed with chunks of warm apples dipped in caramel sauce, TRIPPLE LAYERS NACHOS or crunchy tortilla chips and beans covered in warm nacho cheese sauce and on top lays a tangy red sauce, BEEFY MINI QUESADILLAS where seasoned beef coupled with chipotle sauce and blended with three cheese is folded in a grilled flour tortilla, CINNAMON TWIST or puffy corns sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, SPICY POTATO SOFT TACO where warm soft tortilla is filled with crunchy potato bites, shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese and chipotle sauce, CINNAMON DELIGHTS 2 PACK or warm pastries with great frosting, cinnamon and sugar, SHREDDED MINI QUESADILLA or shredded chicken chunks combined with three cheese blend and chipotle sauce stuffed in a freshly grilled tortilla, SPICY TOSTADA or a tostada shell topped with beans, cheese, crisp lettuce, tangy red sauce and chipotle sauce, BEEFY FRITOS BURRITOS where flour tortilla is filled with premium Latin rice, Frito chips and warm cheese sauce etcetera. Each costs only $1!

Not only great food items to end the pangs of hunger but Taco Bell offers varieties of drinks also to quench one’s thirst. The drinks too cost only a buck. Taco’s drinks menu has all sodas, Mountain Dew Baja Blast freeze, Starburst Strawberry Freeze, Brisk Ice Tea Mango, Pink Lemonade Tropicana, Mountain Dew Sangrita Blast etcetera.

Food is vigor. Food is fun. The very image of foods taco invokes in one’s mind is enough to make him drool. Taco Bell provides the customers with lip smacking items at only $1 and is one of the ruling fast food establishments around the world.


Reasons Why Practicing Mindfulness Meditation Is Great

It cannot be denied that more and more people these days are getting interesting about mindfulness meditation. There is no question about that since such meditation can help improve the lives of many people all over the globe. Even you will just spend a few weeks of meditating, it can already make so much difference in the social, psychological, and physical aspects of one’s life. To give you clearer view about the meditation, here are some of the reasons why practicing it would be very beneficial on your part:

Promotes Great Body Health Condition

One enough reason is that this kind of meditation can help improve your overall body health condition. It was found out that right after doing the meditation for 8 weeks, your immune system will be improved. With this, your body will be more capable  of fighting any kind of illness.


Good for Your Mental Health

Many experts consider this meditation as an effective antidepressant. It is possible through increasing the positive emotions within you, while decreasing those negative ones. In this way, you can  also help in making yourself away from stress.

Changes Your Brain for Your Own Good

The gray matters that can be located in your brain regions can be increased in density through this type of meditation. It can then positively affect yourself when it comes to empathy, regulation, emotion, memory, and learning.

Promotes More Concentration


Mindfulness meditation can also help a lot in improving your concentration. Meaning to say, you can be able to disregard all the distractions in your everyday life and focus in one aspect. It will then enhance your attention skills as well as your memory.

Good for Relationships

It was also found out that couples will stay positive minded regarding their life, specially their relationships. They will feel more relaxed and closer to one another even though they are literally not. This is more than enough to stay in good relationship for sure.


Travel At Affordable Prices With Expedia

People depend on the internet for everything from shopping to recharges and even planning their travel. There are a number of online travel websites that help you find some of the best deals for hotels, ticket bookings and more. The best part about making a reservation using these online websites is that they also provide you with some discounts that help you save on a lot of money. One such website is Expedia. This is a great website for your travel plans. You can also look for an active Expedia coupon that will help you get an additional discount of up to 25%.

The advantages of approaching an online travel agency have various benefits. Some of these benefits are:

Easy Comparison Of Prices

Apart from easy comparison of prices, it is convenient to compare the schedules online as well. This allows you the convenience of scheduling your trip accordingly and save money in the bargain as well. The choice of airlines, dates and timings as per your convenience is a great benefit to have at your fingertips.


Date Searches

Most airline websites do not offer flexibility of dates more than a period of seven days. Searching for dates more than 30 days takes a lot of time. This is where online travel agencies come into the picture. These sites can search up to 330 days ahead and let you plan your trip accordingly.

While the Expedia Coupon gets you discounts, the website can also help you to compare prices. This means you can choose the best hotels, airlines or trains for your travel needs at the best deals. While you would initially have to look at several websites for your ticket bookings and hotel reservation, you can now get this done on one website. This helps you save time, money and is a lot more convenient.

Package Deals

Looking for a package deal for your vacation but don’t want to spend on a travel agent? Expedia has some amazing package deals that help you save a ton of money on your holiday. The Expedia coupon helps you get some additional discounts which help you enjoy a luxury vacation at a budget price.


Another benefit of choosing an online travel agency is to be saved from code share arrangements. This is an agreement between a travel agency and an airline. This means that the agency has purchased a certain number of seats on the airline and given the freedom to sell the tickets at any price they choose. If you go only to the website of the travel agency, you will see an inflated price. However, if you go the website of the airline you will see a much reduced price. Checking these prices on a travel agency website will save you a lot of money.

The best part about making a reservation using websites such as Expedia is that you can compare the fare prices to see how much you are saving. The Expedia coupon is just an added benefit that comes in as a bonus discount or a little surprise at the end of the deal to make it a lot better.


Rehab Malibu: Some Of The Finest Rehabs You Should Know About These Addiction Rehabilitation Centers

These days, getting addicted to a number of prohibited drugs as well as alcoholic beverages is already a common thing in the world. Like for example in the city of Malibu in the US state of California, the number of cases of people who are getting addicted into these things is rapidly increasing. Because of this, the local government of the city as well as its residents are getting alarmed by such particular serious problem in the society. Good thing there are now a number of addiction rehabilitation centers in the city that offer reliable treatments for those people who get addicted to drugs and alcohols. In this regard, here are the top rehab centers in Malibu City that you can take into account:


Promises Malibu

For more than 20 years now, the Promises Malibu addiction rehabilitation center has been operating in the city. This rehab Malibu has been offering a number of broad-based approaches that are effective enough in dealing with addiction problems, may it be about alcohol or drugs. What is best about the Promises Malibu is the fact that it focuses more on a family-based therapy. Meaning to say, there will be a great involvement of the family members of the person who is enrolled in the center once the treatment process begins.

Cliffside Malibu

When it comes to comprehensive addiction treatments, the Cliffside Malibu will never be outranked since it is an addiction rehabilitation center in the city that is well known for providing very comprehensive treatments to the patients. With this kind of treatment, you can be sure that in every step of the way, the patient will be watched carefully for any improvement. For the benefit of alcohol addicts, the rehab center is offering primary care services, and these include the medically supervised detox.

Man leading group therapy session

Creative Care Inc.

Another top performing addiction rehabilitation center that can be found in the city of Malibu is the Creative Care Inc. This is such a very unique and luxurious addiction rehab center that you will never feel that you are under rehab treatments. Every addiction treatment that you will go through will surely pamper you, making you to feel that you are on a cruise ship for vacation. The ocean views from the private rooms of these rehab facility are absolutely mesmerizing. It also has a number of professional counselors who will help you get over from your addiction issue.

These are just some of the top addiction rehabilitation centers in Malibu that are worth considering.


Drug Rehabilitation – How To Choose An Orange County Rehab

These days, drug addiction is one of the major problems experienced by the society. The number of people who are trying prohibited drugs daily is rapidly increasing, which makes every nation to be alarmed. In the Orange County alone in the US state of California, there are thousands of people who get addicted to drugs. What is even worse about it is that most of these drug addicts are teenagers and young adults. This explains why there are a number of drug rehabilitation centers in the said place. But the problem is, not all of them are reliable enough. In this regard, if you are one of those who are looking for the best drug rehabilitation center in Orange County, here are some important things that you should do:

Try Searching Online


Needless to say, there are a wide array of options when it comes to rehabilitation centers in Orange County. You can find a long list of them on the web, so make sure to do some research online. Try to select the top 5 or top 10 of the rehabs according to the rankings of the search engine. After that, you have to concentrate getting some important information about these rehab prospective of yours. By doing this, there is no way you cannot find the finest one.

Be Sure that the Rehab You Choose Has Reputable Name

How can you say so if you have chosen the most reputable rehabilitation center then? Well, what you need to do is ask some documents that will prove that they are legal and allowed by the law to operate. You do not want to end up paying for a rehab center that is even don’t have a license to operate, right? If they cannot provide you with the important documents, then it simply means they do not pass the standards governing the rehabilitation centers in Orange County. If that is the case, then be sure to back off.

Friendly and Effective Treatments

In order to be effective, it does not necessarily mean that the treatment should not be friendly to all the patients. In fact, it is one requirement nowadays that rehabilitation centers should have friendly process of treatments regarding drug addiction. It is to be sure that the patients will not be afraid to submit themselves to the rehab. If the treatments are unfriendly enough, then there will be no patients who will be attracted to go to the rehabilitation centers for sure.


Find those that Offer Affordable Addiction Treatment Services

The truth is, drug addiction treatment services don’t need to be very expensive. This goes to show that those rehab centers that charge higher treatment service fee are not assured to be reputable. There are a lot of rehabilitation centers in Orange County that can offer you affordable drug addiction services. You just have to be patient enough in searching.

These are the things that you can do in order to find the most reliable Orange County rehab for your drug addiction treatment needs.


The Veracity Of Lie

Movies which are often followed by silent and pensive strolls on the way back home, are often thought-provoking. You must have had this experience after watching Talwar which really psyched up each one of us with the fix of Talwar parents. Those who had seen this movie, might recall the narco test which had almost got the CBI to wring confession of the crime by the suspected persons. But the results post the narco test were not considered as valid evidence in the court of law. The story here is not about murder case or about narco test. This small tale is reminiscent of an instrument called polygraph which is able to disgorge truth from the lairs and could be of crucial use in investigations but lacks evidentiary value.

Commonly known as lie detector, a polygraph is a combination of polygram connected to a screen which records changes in four important vectors viz. Respiration rate, pulse rate, blood pressure and skin resistance. These physiological changes are found in the person who tries to distort truth or is lying. The polygraph which is a coordination of science and psychology, was invented by John Larson at Berkeley, California in 1921. He improvised on the lie detector test developed by William Moulton Marston, which could point out the lie by the deviations in blood pressure.

It was found that when a person is lying, his or her blood pressure races up. The physiological changes occurring in the person can to an extent evince the possibility nabbing the culprit. Usually the person who speaks lie, has the fear of being grabbed which creates mental excitation, as a result of which the adrenalin gland is stimulated. This triggered gland secretes adrenaline hormone which fuses with blood stream and raise the pulse rate, the respiration rate and blood pressure of the person getting examined. The skin resistance or Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) is also indicative of a person’s veracity. The person who lies usually sweats more than usual, which leaves the negatively charged chloride ions on the surface of the skin.

This lowers the resistance of the body and when a tiny electric current is sent into the body, the galvanometer records the current on the monitoring screen. Lie detectors or polygraphs have proved to be of much importance where the investigations are complicated and there is a need to fast track the case. Polygraph based evidence are not admissible in many courts of law. On one hand there is a need to expedite the investigations and on the other hand the info based on such test is deemed all out of whack. The problem remains unresolved.


However there are bodies London Polygraph which claim to provide accurate, scientific and state-of-art lie detector services. can be used to view the services provided by them. The scientific techniques and deft examiners provided by them make the entire procedure and results indubitable. They record different kinds of psychological changes in the most structured manner and help in determination of truth.


The Basics Of Horseback Riding

There are some things you should learn about horseback riding before you get into the sport. While practice does make perfect, it’s best to know all about the proper equipment and how to care for a horse before starting with this unique and calorie burning activity! Horseback riding is indeed a great sport to practice, as you are one with nature and the outdoors. But before all that, it’s best to acquaint yourself with information and tips on how to help you and your horse cooperate together in order to make this a fun activity to do, without any accident or injury.

Learn Tips Online

Website such as will help inform you on how to deal with horses and start horseback riding, as well as provide lessons and tips on the activity! In here, we show you some of the basics you should know about horseback riding before starting, mainly on clothing and equipment.

Proper Clothes

Just like any other sport, you will have to wear the proper clothing to avoid any scrapes and injuries, as well as have you feeling comfortable. These are things recommended for any rider to wear when riding their horse:


  1. Boots – Wear sturdy boots. If not, then wear sneakers or rubber shoes. Do NOT wear sandals or anything slippery! Let them have good traction. No to open toed shoes or slippers.
  2. Wear pants and not shorts as this may cause some minor injury while riding.
  3. Helmets are definitely needed for those accidents that may happen. Safety first!

Proper Equipment

You will need to purchase the proper equipment in order for you and your horse to properly ride together. Here are the basics you will need:

  1. Saddle – This is for your comfort and safety! A good saddle will be comfortable on the back of your horse and your bottom as well.
  2. Bridle – This is so you will be able to properly guide him through twists and turns, as well as learn how to stop him when needed.
  3. Horse care products and tools – These will include horse hooves for your horse to feel comfortable, as well as brushes and products to keep your horse properly cared for. After all, your horse needs some love, too!



With these basic information regarding what you need before horseback riding, you will hopefully become more acquainted with how to cooperate with your horse and how to purchase the proper equipment. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, it’s best to know these things to avoid any accident or injury. You are able to take lessons from instructors or local stables. All it takes is a quick search, and you will be able to find one nearest to you! Have fun and experience your favorite activities in the great outdoors with horseback riding. Not only will you have fun with animals, but you will also get a breath of fresh air and burn some calories as well. Improve your posture and balance through this fantastic sport!


Windows Phone: Download Games

Among the smartphone platforms, the Windows Phone platform is comparatively less widespread in terms of user density. However, the low budget smartphone users prefer Windows Phone over Android because the operation is more fluid on these handsets, and iOS is pretty much out of bound for low budget smartphone users since there’s no cheap iPhone; even the supposedly cheap iPhone SE model is still much costlier than many regular Android or Windows Phone smartphones.

Now if you are a mobile gamer, and looking for games on the Windows Phone platform, then here’s list of few titles. You can Descargar juego from this list by searching the title on the Windows Phone Store or by clicking the Download button in this article, and pretty much all the Windows Phone handsets would support the games we have mentioned.


  • Crossy Roads

Crossy Roads had always been popular, but the popularity gained another level when this game was featured in the iPhone 6s unveiling event by Apple. The game graphics is more like a Minecraft interface, yet the gameplay and difficulty levels make Crossy Roads a top ranked game in the leaderboard. It’s an endless tapper, where the gamer needs to cross a character through roads and rivers without getting hit or drowning in water.

  • Asphalt 8: Airborne

For high adrenaline rush while playing through a car racing game, there’s nothing better than Asphalt 8: Airborne for a mobile platform. Windows Phone platform now has the Asphalt 8 in the Windows Phone Store; hauling in expensive cars in higher speed is now not a dream anymore for this platform users. And to be honest, there’s more fun in playing Asphalt than NFS in a mobile device.

  • Lara Croft: Relic Run

Lara Croft: Relic Run is quite different from all the previous releases of the Lara Croft series, and of course there’s no tomb raiding in this game. Instead, the Lara Croft: Relic Run appears to be a copy from Temple Run where you have to run with Lara Croft until you die. There are deadly obstacles, dinosaurs, vehicle sequences, gravity defying leaps, weapons, costumes and what not. And you get all these during your run.


  • Dodo Pop

Dodo Pop is from the same game developers who had developed ‘Where’s My Water?’ This game was extremely popular and went viral after it was released, and now the company is focusing on other titles like the Dodo Pop. The game play is almost like Candy Crush though, the gamer needs to clear the like colored balls off a game play area that’s provided on your screen. You should clear up the balls before the touch the bottom of the screen.

  • Threes

Windows Phone users get a leverage with Threes, since this game is free here but on iOS and Android, going ad-free on Threes would require different price tags. Anyways, Threes is a puzzle game. User needs to match numbers and put up the tiles and once the screen fills up with tiles, the game would be over.


There had been a time when the Windows Phone Store was running short of games, but right now a user can find pretty good games and that too, for free.


The New Trend In Medical Aesthetics- Dermal Fillers!!

In the modernized world of today, it is all about how beautiful face one possesses rather than as beautiful heart. It is truly said that the first impression is the last impression and indeed the beauty of the face is what exactly the exterior world looks for. Whether in the professional world or at a personal level, individuals are making efforts to revive the beauty of the skin and keep up with the youthful appearance that has indeed become the need of the hour.


A flourishing trend that has swept through the entire globe and taken the market by storm is none other than botox and dermal fillers. Since it is a painless procedure and brings speedy results, the demand of dermal fillers is amplifying day by day and presenting before miraculous results that were earlier not so easily approachable. The use of deliberately placed filler injections all over the sphere of the face paves way for a cosmetic sensation that is a non invasive procedure bringing efficient results which gives rise to a younger and healthier looking skin which instills the confidence to step out in the world. Addressing some of the prime concerns such as lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, volume loss and a lot more, these dermal fillers are proving to be great blessing for many individuals who desire a fresh rejuvenating skin. Due to the increasing demand, the dermal filler training courses are increasing both at the regular platform and online too.

Why the dermal filler training courses are in demand?


  • Many individuals, be it men or woman are looking forward to go for dermal fillers as the procedure is 100% effective in reviving that glow of the skin and making each possible effort reverse the age factor in the most prominent way.
  • The botox industry is flourishing and myriad treatments are being accomplished each day giving fruitful results which is a great sign as a career prospective for many people who want to be established as a well known professional in the medical aesthetics.
  • A professional training will equip the individual with the much required practical skills along with the professional experience that is a much in any career field. A professional training in dermal fillers will pave for the development of skills and instill confidence within the person.
  • It is a speedy procedure that is brought to its finish line in a specific time period with no such requirements of any other post treatments or programs.

What You Need To Know About Tour De France

Tour de France is one of the most known cycling races of all time. Riders come from intense training and preparation in order to join this and aim for the win. With a tough path and mountains to deal with, it definitely isn’t one for beginners! Riders pass through different countries, experiencing different kinds of weather conditions and tough terrains. You wouldn’t exactly be called crazy to join such a race, but it will take a lot of skill and determination to at least get through it, much less win!

How the Competition Works

The tour de France is a 3-week long race that consists of rest days and stages that can range from flat surfaces to mountainous paths. This is the most famous of the Grand Tours, the three week cycling race.


It’s done every July, with the route being changed every year. But no matter what route is taken, it will always have the same landmarks and rules applied. Riders will pass through the Alps and other famous mountains, and finish the race in Paris. It’s done around France, passing through countries and other areas.

It’s a whopping 3,500 km race to the finish line, with only two days of rest! There are 20-22 teams composed of 9 riders each, with them having different jerseys to classify who they are and their achievements. Classifications range from age to best time, so it’s an honor to be awarded with the Jerseys they offer. There are points classifications as well, with time and position in the race being the judges’ basis on who wins.

Like mentioned, this is definitely not for beginners. It used to be mainly the French joining this event, but as word spread, the whole world wanted in. While riders around the world join the event, only those who were invited or represented by UCI World Teams are those who join the race. You may have witnessed or watched as your favorite cyclists and riders trained hard for this race, spending hours biking through tough terrains and mountains.

It is now ongoing, starting July 2 and ending on July 24, 2016.


In Conclusion

The tour de France will definitely be a long and intense fight! Interested in following it? You’ll be able to do so through the Tour de France live stream! All you will need to do is to check the official website of Tour de France 2016 and get to watch everything in real time. Watch as riders race their way to the finish line, climbing mountains and hills as they pass through extreme weather conditions and the like. You’ll even be able to watch the previous races of the past years! What are you waiting for? Check it out and watch it live now! The race has started and already, there have been a lot of amazing news on it. Get to know that and be the first to witness it through the tour de France live stream. It just gets more intense by the day.


Workers’ Day Out

From a small coterie to becoming a part of syndicates, an organisation has to work hard big time to become a brand name. From fighting red tapism to moving the yardsticks, an organisation beavers away a lot to carve a niche for itself in this era of globalisation. Behind the success of the companies is the motivated and skilled workforce. The concept of adventurous Escape Rooms is increasingly becoming famous in Singapore for the purposes of corporate team building.


An escape room has crazy bunch of gadgets, puzzles, and other games like solving murder mystery and action or mission games. Escape room apes fictional locations of cartoons, comic series, TV series wherein team members work in league to win the game. The games with their amazing graphics and storyline test different skills of team members like decision making, problem solving ability and promptness. In corporate team building singapore, has the advantage of activities of Escape Rooms, as more and more organisations  are focusing on motivating their workers to inculcate a feeling of belongingness.

This helps in addressing the insecurities of the workers, enhances team bonding and also does away on-the-lam-syndrome of rules in the workplace. Here the members learn to play together and bond together which eventually might result into bigger achievements for their organisation. The tasks undertaken at the Escape Rooms also make them learn the need and importance of delegation and communication with the workers. The games offer different categories like mind boggling puzzles and missions and action games like SWAT and Firestorm. SWAT involves saving New York City from the threat posed by the terrorists who have planted bombs in Times Square Subway.


Such games are worth playing because here you learn the importance of the concerted efforts your teammates, which reposes faith in themselves and their way of working and strengthens the bond. So those wallowing in the glory of heads of various companies, must plan their workers’ day out to enjoy and learn at the same time.