Fifteen years ago, if you had told somebody that videogames would be as big as it is today, people would probably have laughed at you. While video games back then were already spending larger and larger amounts of money on marketing and merchandise, nobody would have imagined that gaming would hit the heights it has today.

The increasing attendance and viewership of professional gaming leagues have shown the world that e-sports leagues have equaled –if not surpassed – traditional sports leagues. Spanning every current gen gaming platform from arcade machines to top-line PCs, gaming is part of virtually every household. Even Smartphone owners usually have a game or two on their devices.

With this massive array of games on the market, sometimes the question no long becomes “should I play videogames” but “what videogames should I play or watch?” That’s where we at Play Tango Down come in.

Bringing you news, reviews, advise on games to get, and which consoles to invest in, Play Tango Down is here to keep you up to date and in the know for all your gaming needs. In addition, we also provide tips and advise on staying safe and healthy while gaming.  After all, staying healthy means you get to game longer and harder, right?

Play Hard. Play Safe!