Last December, I became the proud owner of a brand new Playstation 4. One of my friends asked me why I would get a PS4 instead of waiting for the PS5 which, if reports are accurate, is due next year. I figured I’d share the reasons why I’d still get a PS4 with you all:

Monster Hunter World

Game Rant

When Monster Hunter first came out on the PS2, I was hooked. I followed the series throughout its handheld releases and when I found out it was coming out for the PS4, I knew I had to get my hands on the console. I got the PS4, and I got the game. What didn’t I get? Regrets. It’s an amazing game all around, with lots of promised support from Capcom. It packs solid content without requiring DLCs.

Kingdom Hearts 3

While the game isn’t out yet, I’ve been waiting for this for a looooong time. Another game franchise I’ve been following since its debut on the PS2, this is a game franchise that has constantly been highly entertaining. Definitely worth getting a PS4 for!

God of War

While I wasn’t a fan of the original series due to my massive hatred of quicktime events, the newest entry to the God of War series brought the game out of the quicktime event style of gaming into a more free-flowing game style. Sure there are still some quicktime events, but it doesn’t feel like the bulk of the gameplay anymore.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Daily Star

A Playstation 4 exclusive, HZD is an incredible game, featuring a vibrant open-world environment, a deep story, and awesome robot dinosaur fighting action. While it does have a DLC, the DLC expands the story with a new chapter rather than being the type that forces you to buy it just so you know what’s going on. Lookin’ at you Final Fantasy XV

What games for the PS4 are you interested in? Let us know and maybe we can help you decide if getting a PS4 is for you!

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