We understand that a blog may not always where you want your information to come from. Sometimes you want to catch up on your gaming news during your daily commute so a podcast or a video might be better at that point in time. Other times, you may want to see gameplay demos, which we can’t really offer here. That being the case, here are some resources you can use for when our blog isn’t enough.


While they do have a blog/article based website, they also have a great YouTube channel that shares the latest game trailers and game play videos along with their reviews. Their videos also include gaming industry news for those who are interested in the companies and not just the games. Be sure to check them out.


While not a dedicated game review channel like IGN, UpUpDownDown is a let’s play style YouTube channel. What sets it apart? It was set up and run by pro wrestler Xavier Woods. Along with some other wrestlers like Seth Rollins, Cesaro, and Alexa Bliss, they have great let’s play vids, a special segment of Clash of Clans, and other gaming related vids. Not your usual fare, so please give it a go!